Gene Offredi is a Financial Coach & Tax Reduction Specialist

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Gene Offredi, CFP® RFC203.453.1017

Over 55 years Gene and his team have helped business owners and high net worth individuals greatly reduce their tax bills, grow and protect their estates, and reach their lifetime financial goals.

  • Tax planning
  • Proven tax reduction strategies
  • Charitable gifting with tax benefits
  • Business succession planning
  • Asset care (life insurance and long-term care insurance)
  • Financial coaching

Here is the contact information for Hammond Iles:

Hammond Iles for Investment Advice

After many years as owner of Summit Investor Coach, Gene transferred the financial Investing portion of his business to Greg Hammond and Scott Iles of Hammond Iles Wealth Advisors. If you need investment services and are not an existing Gene Offredi client, we highly recommend Greg Hammond or Scott Iles at 860.258.2600 or Hammond Iles Wealth Advisors.

Gene Offredi
Tax Reduction Coaching

Gene is excited to embark on a new venture as a Managing Director of Redwood Tax Specialists and continuing to serve his former clients and new clients. As a tax reduction coach Gene works with Redwood Tax Specialists providing invaluable resources that helps you analyze your current tax obligations and provides a blueprint to in many cases reduction your tax burden significantly.

Visit Gene at to find out how you can save money with the right tax reduction strategy.

As a Financial Coach Gene will continue to provide expert guidance for business owners and high networth individuals in a variety of ways including:

• Tax Planning
• Charitable Gifting
• Business Succession
• Insurance
• Asset Care

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