5 More Surprising Insights about High Net Worth Retirees

Interested in 5 more surprising insights about high networth retirees? Four years of writing more than a hundred blog posts on building wealth didn’t prepare me for this.

My website master showed me that one blog post, “4 Surprising Insights about High Net Worth Retirees” outperformed all the others by a huge factor. That one post didn’t seem more valuable than many of the others. But over a two year period during which I wrote and posted more than 30 articles, this one post generated more than ten times the interest of the second most popular post.

So I studied that post. Then I created a new e-book based on providing you with what I think is content as powerful as that original post. I’ve also included the original post (with updates) and other popular blogs from the past. My study and consultation with others led me to believe that you, the Summit Investor Coach reader, made that post your absolute favorite because it:

  • Told you things you hadn’t heard elsewhere
  • Was research-based
  • Spoke to the financial concerns of high net worth retirees
  • Revealed counter-intuitive information—sometimes the opposite of what many investment advisors recommend
  • Touched on wealth issues we all face

The original post was published on February 15, 2014 entitled,
“4 Surprising Insights about High Net Worth Retirees.” My hope is that the magic generated by that post will be reproduced and multiplied by what you’re about to discover in this e-book.

I wish you financial, personal, and family success.

Gene Thomas Offredi, CFP®, RFC™ is the founder of Guilford, Connecticut’s Summit Investor Coach, LLC. Contact Gene on the web or by phone at 203.453.1017. Summit Investor Coach, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor.