Tax Reduction Coaching: Reduce Your Tax Bill

As a tax reduction coach Gene provides invaluable resources to analyze your current tax obligations, pinpoint tax reduction opportunities, and provide tax reduction strategies that have helped other high net worth individuals and business owners save 20%, 30%, or even 50% on their annual tax bill. More information on Gene’s tax reduction coaching is on the Gene Offredi page of the Redwood Tax Specialist website at

  • Tax Planning
  • Proven tax reduction strategies
  • Charitable gifting with tax benefits
  • Business succession planning
  • Asset care (life insurance and long-term care insurance)
  • Financial coaching

Business Succession Planning: Passing Your Business On

Yes, you can pass your business on to your heirs with minimal tax consequences and little or no disruption. Business succession planning is an important part of operating a business, especially for small-business owners and owners nearing retirement. Gene’s clients who make business succession arrangements early help make a smooth transition, keep the company value high, and minimize any negative around their departure.

Asset Care: Insure Your Life and Insure No Or Little Long-term Care Costs

Through asset care insurance Gene can make sure you receive both guaranteed life insurance (That never rises in cost) and long-term care protection. In the future, your loved ones receive a death benefit and you and your spouse can have your assisted living and other long-term care (LTC) financial needs covered.

Financial Coaching: Live in Financial Comfort

The strategies, tactics, and process Gene uses with select high net worth individuals and business owners enables them to manage and grow wealth. In most cases, Gene’s long-term clients reach or exceed what they thought was financially possible. For one business owner, Gene and an advisory team helped a $10 million business grow to $80 million.



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