Toolkit of Financial Planning Services

To understand wealth; to build wealth; to protect and maintain wealth – every service at Summit Investor Coach, LLC revolves around these priorities. Gene Offredi financially coaches high net worth individuals and small businesses with a full tool kit of financial planning services including financial planning, business planning, and retirement planning.

Summit Investor Coach Toolkit for financial planning

Here’s how Summit Investor Coach helps.

1. We Work With Your Other Advisors

Summit Investor Coach, LLC strongly believes in a coordinated financial plan. We work with the client’s attorney, CPA and other financial advisors so the client receives the benefit of a team approach.


Avoiding Speculation and Relying on Science

Summit Investor Coach, LLC supports the strategy and philosophy of Free Market Funds. When our clients invest in Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) funds through Matson Money, Inc.’s Matrix Asset Allocation program, DFA use a new model of investing that avoids speculation and relies on the science of capital markets. Decades of research are behind the state-of-the-art portfolio design that Matson Money and DFA employ.

3. A Registered Investment Advisor Working With Matson Money

Summit Investor Coach, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor and works with Matrix, a subdivision of Matson Money, Inc. All of our client plans are based on Matrix Asset Allocation, a disciplined approach to lifelong investing used by investors across the U.S. with more than $4.1 billion of assets. Many assets are invested in mutual funds through Dimensional Fund Advisors. Since 1981, Dimensional has used a comprehensive analysis of stock prices worldwide to solidify its investment strategy and set new standards for portfolio design.

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