The Key to Reaching Financial Goals

Too often people concentrate on earning money when that’s not the key to financial independence.

The key to reaching financial goals is not how much money you make but how much money you save and invest wisely.

I’ve seen $5 million clients who end up worse off than $1 million clients because the $5 million clients spend too much and save too little.  Most people save more, invest smarter and reap greater financial rewards by working with a financial coach.

So here’s how you can get started with us.

1. You Tell Us

We’re here to fill your needs. You tell us how you’d like to work with us. There’s no one approach that works for everyone. Here’s what many clients choose.

2. Make An Appointment

Schedule an hour appointment with Gene. Be prepared to do most of the talking. Gene will want to hear about your current financial situation (personal, business or both) and your financial dreams. See how comfortable you are with Gene. Ask any and all questions you have about Gene’s experience, financial coaching process and any other financial management or investment topic. Call 203.453.1017 to schedule your appointment or fill out our contact form. Gene will meet you here in our office, at your business or at your home.

3. Make Sure We’re A Good Match For You

If you can’t make a personal appointment, we can conduct a telephone call. Remember, the call is as much for you as it is for us. You want to get an understanding of the match between your financial needs and what Summit Investor Coach can provide. Call 203.453.1017 to schedule your telephone appointment now.

4. Know We Work Best With Business Owners & High Net Worth Clients

Part of what Gene will do during your phone call or in person appointment is evaluate our compatibility. Summit Investor Advisor wants to make sure there’s a good match between your financial needs and our expertise. We work best with business owners and high net worth (minimum of $500,000 in investible assets) individuals, couples and families.

Call 203 453-1017 as an important step towards reaching your retirement goals or click here and schedule an appointment.

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