Total Financial Coaching

We call our approach Total Financial Coaching because that name describes what we do so well. Our approach is designed to include everything for your lifetime (total). Our approach is all about your money, its growth, and its safety (financial). And we don’t just advise you. We coach you.

Summit Investor Coach Total Financial Coaching
To help you manage grow and envision your financial future we:

  1. Analyze your current situation
  2. Help you define and set goals
  3. Create the strategy and tactics to reach those goals
  4. Provide you with continual support throughout your journey toward those goals

It’s All About Wealth

Building wealth. Protecting wealth. Managing wealth. That’s what we do.

Financial planning will help you understand how to best use your money to achieve your financial goals. Success coaching keeps you focused on your goals, helps you adapt to change and continues your financial learning. Applying scientific, proven principles in asset and money management reduces your risk and increases growth opportunities.

Transforming The Way Clients Value Money

In his practice, Gene enhances the client/advisor relationship with proven strategies and coaching solutions.

Total Financial Coaching investment advice combines financial planning, success coaching and academic principles in asset management.

Summit Investor clients soon discover that this process transforms the way they understand and value money – forever.

As a coach Gene helps you find your true purpose for money and help you build and stay on the path to financial success.

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